• Simplifying the Common Core

    In order to properly implement the Common Core State Standards, you have to first understand them. We have broken down the standards into 15 Core Skills that can easily be integrated into any existing curricula.

  • Integrating Common Core in the Classroom

    We offer a systematic cross-curricular Core Skill Program that is research-based, teacher-tested, and proven to dramatically increase your students’ success in the classroom.

  • Measuring & Remediating Student Progress

    Our Core Skills Program offers a practical approach that allows students' to take ownership in their core skill development. It also provides flexibility for classroom teachers to best meet the needs of individual students through differentiated instruction.

Welcome to Common Core Made Easy

The purpose of Common Core Made Easy is to bridge the gap between philosophy and reality.  As a group of practicing educators, it is our mission to enrich the classroom experience, provide support to the classroom teacher, and promote a more positive outcome for students. The Common Core State Standards are an integral component that will help to ensure that all students are leaving their primary and secondary education with the skills needed to be successful in the next stage of their education or in the work force.  With Common Core Made Easy, the classroom teacher will have the tools and support to achieve that goal.

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